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Press brake tools: Precise sheet metal forming by Westermann24

Welcome to the website of Westermann24 Abkantwerkzeuge & Schleiftechnik GmbH. Here you can find all the necessary information about the products and services we offer. Since the year of 1993, we provide you with our expertise in the area of construction and production of press brake tools as well as the supply of grinding services. Find out detailed information about our broad product range, which includes the production of special tools, serial tools and standard tools. Decisive for us at all times are the individual needs and ideas of our customers, after whose requirements we construct and manufacture our tools in the shortest amount of time. Here, Westermann24 places great value on precision, quality and durability – discover the full range of what we offer. If you have any questions about our products or other suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact info under the menu item ‘Contact’. To give you a better idea of what Westermann24 does and also of our products, we have made our image film and some product videos available here.

Watch our image film and product videos here:

Westermann24 – Press brake tools & Grinding technology Westermann24 is your specialist for press brake tools and grinding technology. With more than a 100 years of experience we construct and produce press brake tools and special tools that meet exactly your requirements and ideas. The basis for the excellent quality of our products is the right choice of material as well as the specific processing by means of milling machines, laser hardening and grinding. Westermann24 produces your press brake tool precisely and within the shortest amount of time – always reliable, accurate and customer- oriented. Whether it be standard tool, serial tool or individual special tool, each of our press brake tools pass through a strict quality control ahead of delivery. Westermann24 is certified by TÜV as conforming to ISO 9001.
Corrugated sheet tool – Press brake tool by Westermann24 Discover the high quality workmanship and practical functioning of our Westermann24 corrugated sheet tool. It enables you to easily manufacture the contours characteristic of corrugated sheet metal, with successively embossed folds. After a first embossing of the sheet, in a second step the upper tool’s tongued downholder provides the correct hold of the sheet through gripping the previous fold and fixing it to the lower tool. This ensures a secure, exact and precise production on the bending press without needing an additional stroke. Like all our Westermann24 press brake tools, you receive the corrugated sheet tool including trial and tool offset.
Stiffening ribs tool – Press brake tool by Westermann24 The Westermann24 stiffening ribs tool provides an easy and precise way to fold a sheet and add stiffening ribs to it at the same time. This is necessary for stiffening and stabilisation, for example in production of a sheet metal angle or a profile sheet, which is supposed to be stiffened by the corresponding transverse fold. In just one single work process the upper tool and die of the stiffening ribs tool bend the workpiece to a 90ー angle and emboss the desired number of stiffening ribs in suitable distances. You will receive this Westermann24 press brake tool including trial and tool offset.
Station tool – Press brake tool by Westermann24 Get to know the precise functioning and the top quality manufacturing of our Westermann24 station-sequence tool. It allows the easy production of various folds in a row in different stations. The variant shown in the video demonstrates how to the original workpiece an additional lug is folded to a closed double fold so we get a tongue and groove system. This can be used for simple connection of two materials, the functioning is similar to that of click-lock laminate flooring. The tool height of our Westermann24 station-sequence tool is adjusted to the other stations, which can consist of standard tools as well. Including trial and tool offset.
Stack mould – Press brake tool by Westermann24 Convince yourself of the great workmanship and the versatile, practical functioning of our Westermann24 stack mould. The stack mould is a multifunction tool, which combines the embossing-, hemming- and flattening tool. It lets you emboss and fold a workpiece in a first step, using only one stroke. In a second step, in which the workpiece is inserted below the die, the previously created open fold can be pressed shut. Like our other Westermann24 press brake tools you receive the stack mould including trial and tool offset.
Z-bending tool – Press brake tool by Westermann24 With the high quality Westermann24 Z-bending tool you are able to produce Z-profiles in a functional and quick way. In just one single work process on the press brake, the bending tool folds the sheet metal to a Z-profile using precisely fitted and hardened upper tools and lower tools. Free bending makes it possible – as opposed to embossing – to produce Z-stages with different depths. As all our Westermann24 press brake tools you receive the bending tool including trial and tool offset. Convince yourself of our wide range of other press brake tools and special tools on our website.