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Benefit from westermann24.de press brake tools
Steel components and accessories are an important part of designing and manufacturing many everyday life products. We come across professionally processed sheet metal parts on a daily basis and in our immediate surroundings. We find them in vehicle construction/truck bodies, facade engineering/impressive architecture, in devices we use at home such as washing machines, coffee makers or even furniture. Constructive sheet metal parts are needed everywhere and demand to be constantly improved – for productive reasons i.e. weight or stability, or for optical reasons such as stainless or varnished surfaces. With Westermann24 tools you are able to tailor your service to your customers individual needs. Whether it be standard solutions ex stock chosen from our extensive catalogue, or innovative tool solutions that adapt to your tool concept and satisfy your customers special requirements: Benefit from our great expertise and long-standing experience in the field of bending tools and press brake tools, as well as from our broad tool range to find the products that are right for you.

Press brake tools that meet the most exacting demands
As a supplier of press brake tools we look back on more than a 100 years of company history, which is the basis for our outstanding competence and wealth of experience particularly in developing and manufacturing press brake tools. In westermann24.de you do not only have a supplier who offers you a broad range of press brake tools, but also a reliable partner for special solutions. Solutions by westermann24.de are a combination of custom-fit products and services geared towards the customer’s future success. Therefore our customer service also provides an opportunity for new business perspectives. As specialists we are able to offer solutions that you can’t get from any conventional standard offers. Our customer-driven and outstandingly competent service meets even very challenging demands. It is our goal to exceed customer expectations with our products and solutions.

An impressive range of products
Press brake tools by westermann24.de cover an impressive spectrum of possible application. In general there are two procedures for bending sheet metal: bending on press brakes and on swivel bending machines. The tools we have in stock are tools that cover the majority of the frequently repeated folding tasks. The tools are sorted by machine manufacturers or holder types, or are assigned to special tool criteria. Impression-free folding of sheet metal or universal adjustment of tools in opening width, bending radius or Z-stage.

Our special tools include (for example):
– embossing tools that process multiple foldings in one stroke
– Panning jaw tools that are able to over-bend sheet metal by means of hub movement diversion
– Schleppleistenwerkzeuge (?) that unblock wedged sheet metal parts
– station tools that enable successive sheet metal forming with different tool concepts

Furthermore there are tool solutions for specific products which allow manufacturing of (amongst others) corrugated sheet metal, trapezoidal sheet metal or hinges. Part of sheet metal forming is the cutting of those sheets. We manufacture new shear blades for all common machines or custom-fit for your machine. Of course we always offer a regrinding service for all tools. In accordance with a prior offer we rework your worn tool and turn it back into its initial new condition. This service is also available on short notice within one day after making an appointment. This way you only have minimal downtime in your production.